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What is Ko-fi?

Ko-fi is the go-to platform for indie creators (artists, podcasters, bloggers) to make an income doing what they love.

So far Ko-fi Creators have earned $200 Million from Donations, Memberships and sales of products and Commissions. We grew over 60% in 2022.

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Purpose of the role

We measure impact by the number of creators who receive a payment on Ko-fi in any given month. You’ll help us grow that number by carefully picking projects that help more creators discover or make the most out of Ko-fi.

Things you’ll do

We’re looking for a marketer whose core talent is great writing, but who can also help us level up all aspects of our comms.

The core of the role is great writing

We sweat every word we write. From screens in the product, to help articles, announcements, even job ads! We care about quality and clarity and we’re allergic to jargon.

We need someone to inspire and motivate creators to succeed on the platform. You’ll own and hone Ko-fi’s tone of voice, writing everything from blogs to website copy to onboarding emails and product screen copy.

And your work will have a big impact! Every month around 20 million people visit, we send millions of emails, and get just as many views on social.

But it’s not just content

You might also spend your time: